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Personal & Small Business
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Mac (Apple) & PC Repair
From cracked screens and water damage to out-of-warranty parts replacement to ransomware or malware cleanup and everything in between, we’ve got you! (Mobile device hardware repair not included)
We’ll service your existing network or design and implement new networks in your home or office.
On-Site Service
Some things, like internet and printer connection issues, can’t be handled remotely. We are one of the few companies who will come to your home or place of business and fix the issue.
New Equipment Purchases & Setup
You tell us how you use your computer, and we’ll recommend a machine, set it up, migrate the data from your old machine, and, if necessary, teach you to use it.
Just need to pick our brains? We offer appointments to help answer your questions, no matter how small!
Cloud-Based File Servers
Our solution unifies storage, data management, and file access to give you a standard and efficient way to manage centralized content.

Computer support
right here in Helena

All Ways On I.T. provides solutions for your technical issues directly at the source. On-site visits and one-on-one assistance can help you save time and money. Come into our office or we’ll come to you! We assist you with your computer hardware, software, mobile devices, networks, servers, tablets, and more. Whether you’re a Mac or PC person, we’re here to help!

Starlink Installation

Starlink is hands down the best option for internet access in remote locations. The only real downside is there are no local support or installation services. Starlink service is only available on a limited basis based on satellite load in your area. Visit the Starlink website and sign up. When you get the hardware, we can do the install for you, including a WiFi network to make the most of your new high-speed connection!

NOTE: We are not official Starlink support or retail. We only install the hardware; we don’t have any on hand, and we aren’t on a VIP list to get it faster. Wouldn’t that be nice though?

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MBPS average download speed
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Starlink satellites in orbit. Paperwork has been filed to allow for up to 42,000.

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